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Heartbreakers: Baltimore’s “The Firecrackers” are taking over the dance floors!

Don’t you just love when you find a band that can make your heart dance and your body rock? Enter: The Firecrackers! Self-described as Powerpop, they would better fit a label such as Popabilly, or Surfpop. There’s no upright and no one is sporting a coiffed pompadour, however the sound is reminiscent of the kind of tunes you would hear at the drive in while you hold your date in your 50’s coupe. At first impression, this would come somewhat as a sucker punch to your senses. Pat Termite started The Firecrackers in 2008. He is the man responsible for keeping the beat and your toes tapping! He recruited Colleen on vocals. Her voice is sultry and narrates stories of breakups, heartbreak, and sweet revenge! Two original members were replaced in 2009. Ricky joined as the new guitarist and Matt to play bass. The guys fit perfectly and in the last year have really made their mark on the band. The Firecrackers have been working hard all year playing local shows, traveling, and writing songs for their newly released demo. They debuted it last weekend at their show at the Hexagon Space in Station North. You can find their songs on their Reverbnation site, and show info on facebook . Keep your eyes (and ears!) open for these guys. They make sparks wherever the go and are sure to “blow up”!

The Firecrackers are:

Colleen- Vocals

Pat Termite- Drums/Vocals

Ricky- Guitar/ Vocals

Matt- Bass


December 3, 2010

My first experience with Viva Le Vox was when the Cockabilly Coney Island Roadshow stopped off at The Sidebar in Baltimore. It’s been said that their shows are a “full bodied religious experience” and from start to finish it’s easy to see why.

Viva Le Vox classify themselves as a Roots Rock n Roll band, and hail from the Southern Florida area. They have an extensive amount of dates that can be found at: and trust me you won’t want to miss them if they’re in your area. With a great stage show, an eerie atmosphere, and the haunting vocals of Tony Bones; its sure to send a chill down your spine.

Viva Le Vox are:

Tony Bones- Vox/Guitar
Antoine Dukes- Drums/Percussory Accoutrements
Paultergeist- Accordion/Frottoir
Trevor Von Sleeper- Deadbeat Bass/Shouts


Have any bands in your area you think we should know about?

Check out what the guys from the ”Comedy Rock” band Kat Box have to say about what to expect at their CD release show this weekend at The Brass Monkey in Baltimore, MD (Dec. 4th).

Kat Box is:

Wyatt- Main Vocals/Drums
Goldy- Guitars/Backing Vocals
Dan- Bass/Backing Vocals


The Lugosi’s:
The Firecrackers:
Joe Teague:
The Snallygasters:
"Sorry Baby, I like my chicks in chunks!"

December 1st, 2010

The Lugosi’s are a Horrorbilly band from 3 Mile Island, Pennsylvania. We’ve seen them play a few times, and boy can they put on a show. Our first encounter with the Lugosi’swas while attending the Westmonster Zombie Walk earlier this fall. They wooed the crowd with their zombie-inspired songs such as “Night of the Living Dead” and showed their soft side with “Don’t Touch My Hair”. The Lugosi’s will be playing in the Maryland and Pennsylvania areas this month with their first stop in Baltimore at The Hexagon Space on Friday December 10th. They will be heading back up to PA on the 11th to play Shipwreck in Shippensburg. Their album, "Bela Lives!"is available for download on such sites as iTunes and Amazon. Get a sample of their songs at

The Lugosi’s are:

Alabaster Slade- Vocals

Socko- Upright Bass & Vocals

Grid- Guitar

Jonathan Zeppa- Guitar

Hammer- Drums

- CharmCityJess

Mustard Plug to play The Ottobar in Baltimore, MD

November 30, 2010

The Michigan based ska-punk pioneers, Mustard Plug, will be at The Ottobar in Baltimore on 12/3/2010!

Other bands playing are:


Deals Gone Bad

So Damn Thirsty


This an all ages show! Doors at 8

For tickets, visit:

-R. National

Younger Years- The Beer Necessities

November 30, 2010

Baltimore’s very own Younger Years has a new EP being released on December 7th called “The Beer Necessities”. For your chance to hear it first, go to: where you can stream the entire thing. If you like what you hear, shoot over to to pre-order the new EP

Younger Years is:

Ryan Moses- Vocals

Brian Wells- Guitar/Vocals

Dan Reinhold- Bass/Vocals

Ricky Johnson- Drums

Bobby Marcellino- Guitar